Curious how other wedding couples' first dances turned out?

Here are a few examples from the hundreds of couples I've helped prepare for their wedding dance. The variety, complexity and style of each dance depends on the individual couple's vision for their dance, as well as their comfort, skill level, and the amount of time they're able to devote to lessons and practice. (Don't miss my wedding dance at the very bottom.)

Bruce & Craig's Dramatic Dance to On My Own, Samantha Barks, Les Misérables

Bruce and Craig wanted to choreograph a funny and dramatic dance. While both are athletic, neither had any previous dance experience.

Their very busy work schedules left them little to no time to practice at home. However, their passion and positive attitude allowed them to learn this wonderfully entertaining dance in 5 lessons. As you can hear, their wedding guests loved it!

Vicky & Roger's Mash-Up: Stay with You, John Legend plus 4 other songs

Vicky & Roger wanted to start with an intimate, traditional first dance, then go into a fun, entertaining mash-up.

Both had a little previous dance experience—Vicky with jazz and contemporary dance; Roger with break dancing. This helped them learn choreography pretty quickly. We used Foxtrot for their first song; inspiration for the mash-up came from Swing, Salsa, hip hop and line dance steps.

It took 8 lessons to put together this awesome 5-song medley. Vicky and Roger had tons of fun dancing it, and their wedding guests ate it up!

Rocio & Kreg: Agua Bendita by Victor Manuelle

Rocio and Kreg wanted to surprise their wedding guests with an unforgettable Salsa first dance.

Rocio and Kreg had taken Salsa group classes a few years ago. So, they had a good foundation that just needed a little refreshing. We then built on what they knew, adding additional moves and choreography to match their song.

They were able to master this Salsa routine in 9 lessons—plus lots of at-home practice, of course! As you can see, they rocked their dance and had a lot of fun doing it!

Highlights from 6 Wedding Couples' First Dances

Enjoy this medley of first dance clips from 6 wedding couples. Whether slow and romantic or fun and upbeat, the unique personality of each couple shines through.

Trishna & Joey's Medley: Imagine, John Lennon into Them, There Eyes, Ella Fitzgerald, then Acuyuye, D.L.G.

Trishna and Joey wanted to impress their wedding guests with a power-packed first dance medley. We started off with a slow, romantic Foxtrot, then transitioned into a fun swing dance. Then, after a quick dress change, they finished off with a sexy Salsa!

The couple nailed the dance on their wedding day, with one minor hiccup: the applause was so loud Trishna didn't hear the very beginning of the Salsa song. Now that’s a problem to have!

Since both Trishna and Joey had some previous dance experience—and practiced diligently at home between lessons—they were able to put together their wedding dance medley in just over 10 lessons.

Eileen & Gary: Thinking Out Loud, Ed Sheeran

Eileen and Gary wanted a fully choreographed first dance inspired by the Thinking Out Loud music video. We simplified moves from the music video into choreography that felt comfortable and easy for them to master in a short amount of time.

Eileen and Gary's wedding dance was a big hit with their guests. And you can see why—they look great!

Amazingly, without any previous dance experience, they were able to learn this first dance in 5 lessons—plus many hours' practice at home.

Abby & Ben: Fly Me to the Moon, Frank Sinatra

Abby and Ben wanted a simple dance that was elegant yet relaxed. Foxtrot was the perfect fit for this and their song. We even included a little side-by-side Fred and Ginger section!

The couple said despite the smaller-than-anticipated dance space, their first dance went great and they enjoyed doing it.

Ben had some previous dance experience, so they were able to do this dance in just 4 lessons.

Andrea & Todd: The Sleeping Beauty, Tchaikovsky

Coming from a family of accomplished orchestra musicians, and the groom himself a member of the SF Ballet Orchestra, Todd and Andrea wanted their first dance to be a formal, ballet-inspired Waltz.

We put together a choreographed routine the couple was really happy with. Not only did they nail it, but being so well-rehearsed, they fully enjoyed the dance on their big day!

Given the speed of the song, complexity of the choreography, and having no previous dance experience (except Andrea's bit of belly dancing), their first dance took 20 lessons to learn.

Whitney & Mark's Medley: That's How Strong My Love Is, Otis Redding into I Believe in a Thing Called Love, The Darkness

Whitney and Mark had the idea of doing a medley of a romantic song into a rockin’ one.

They wanted to keep the first song simple and casual, so we just did a few Foxtrot steps. Then they wanted to ham it up on the second song, so we did a mix of Hustle/disco steps, acting out the lyrics, and an air guitar solo for the bride! It was a huge hit at their wedding.

With their positive attitude and at-home practice, Mark & Whitney were able to do their first dance medley in 5 lessons.

Kendra & Ben: Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Stevie Wonder, cover by live band

Kendra and Ben didn't want choreography. Instead, they wanted a dance that was comfortable but still had a few exciting elements. So we started with a simple basic step, then added some spins and a dip they could mix and match spontaneously.

Kendra and Ben took 5 lessons. As you can see, their first dance has the natural, relaxed feel they wanted—and they had a great time doing it!

Susan & Brad: Mirrors, Justin Timberlake

Susan and Brad wanted a fun first dance that expressed their personalities, entertained their guests and got everyone on the dance floor after. We drew from a variety of dance styles and incorporated some of their favorite freestyle moves (i.e. raise the roof, cabbage patch, etc.).

Neither Susan or Brad had any formal dance experience. We planned to do 5 lessons but added 2 more since they didn't have much time to practice between lessons.

As you can see, their first dance went really well—and everyone ended up on the dance floor after, just as they wanted!

Highlights from 4 Wedding Couples' First Dances

Enjoy these sample clips from 4 additional wedding couple's first dances. There are a variety of styles, including Country, Swing and Blues.

And just for fun... Brandee's first wedding dance!

My husband Andy and I danced a mix of Foxtrot and East Coast Swing for our first dance (October 7, 2021). Can you believe that Andy had never danced before?!

Choreography by my mentor and friend Diane Jarmolow. Video by Dale Nabeta. Thumbnail photos by Daniel Neal Photography.

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