COVID-19 Update: Yes, I'm currently available for private lessons in-person (with masks and social distancing) or online via Zoom/Skype/Facetime!

Dance your wedding stress away!

Getting ready for your first dance can be fun and easy, even if you’re dance-challenged.

With almost 20 years' experience working with wedding couples, I can help you create the perfect dance, then get you feeling comfortable and looking your best dancing at your wedding and beyond! Couples regularly tell me our lessons were the best part of their wedding preparation, and their dance was a highlight of their big day!

So get ready to have FUN, entertain your guests and have great photos/video to show for it!

People of all genders and sexual orientations welcome!

Each lesson is 50 minutes long.

Taking wedding dance lessons with Brandee, you'll get:

  • •  Help selecting your song and advice on where to cut it
  • •  Video recaps at the end of each lesson
  • •  Dance partnering skills you can use the rest of your lives
  • •  Performance tips, such as how to:
  •       - Recover from mistakes
  •       - Get back on the music when you get off beat
  •       - Use your dance floor effectively
  •       - Add styling
  •       - Orient moves to give your guests and photographer the best views!

Have more questions? Scroll down this page to see a list of FAQs.

To see first dance videos from wedding couples I've worked with, CLICK HERE

Monday-Thursday nights and Sundays 10am-2pm

Private Studio near Oakland's Diamond District (Approx Map)

Single lesson, $100
5-lesson package, $399
10-lesson package, $740

You may pay with cash, check, VenMo or PayPal. The total amount for lesson packages is due upfront (unless a payment plan has been arranged).

Gift Certificates available here

Wedding Dance Lessons Also Available For

  • •  Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances
  • •  Parents
  • •  Bridal/wedding party
  • •  “Flash Mob” dances
  • •  Wedding reception guests

What Couples Are Saying

Wedding dance lessons to take your stress away!

Thank you for making our first dance such a success! We received so many compliments and had a lot of fun!


Honestly, you took a major anxiety-inducing tradition and made it totally enjoyable.

Rich & Melissa
Todd & Andrea took wedding dance lessons for anelegant waltz

Brandee was nothing short of fantastic! She took two people with three left feet between us, and helped us create a beautiful dance that dazzled our guests.

Todd & Andrea
Stella & Devan took wedding dance lessons

Thank you for all your help in preventing us from looking like fools for our first dance. People actually cheered after some of our moves!

Stella & Devan
Andy & Emily took wedding dance lessons

Looking for an amazing dance instructor? Look no further than Brandee! 


Brandee really understood what we were looking for. She helped us choreograph a first dance which was the best our photographer said he'd ever seen!

Emily & Andy
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Wedding First Dance Photo Gallery

Curious how other wedding couples' first dances turned out?
Dance with Brandee


All your wedding dance questions answered!

The number of lessons you'll need depends on a variety of factors, such as whether you’re dancing to one song, a medley of two songs or a mashup of multiple songs, how simple or fancy you want your dance to be, if you have previous dance experience, your learning speed, how much you’re able to practice at home between lessons, etc.

If I know your details, I can give you an estimate of how many lessons you’ll likely need before your first lesson. At the end of your first lesson, after we’ve both had a chance to see how things go, I will be able to confirm or adjust the number of lessons I recommended.

In general, couples with little to no dance experience who want a relatively simple dance (a couple twirls and a dip) to a single song, need 5-6 lessons to feel happy with and prepared for their first dance.

As soon as possible! You’ll have more fun and will learn easier if you’re not stressed for time. Plus, the more time you put in, the better you’ll look and the more relaxed and confident you’ll be on your big day!

How soon you start largely depends on how ambitious your dance is. In general, I recommend starting:

  • 2-3 months before your wedding for a simple dance (a couple twirls and a dip)
  • 3-4 months ahead for a more elaborate dance (a couple twirls, some additional fun moves, a dip and maybe a lift)
  • 4-6 months ahead for a fully choreographed dance (memorizing a step-by-step routine)

Taking dance lessons once a week is ideal, especially in the beginning. This is the best way to retain information and get maximum value from your lessons.

However, once you’ve learned most of your dance, we may choose to do lessons less frequently (every 2-3 weeks). This gives you time to practice at home and to make sure your last lesson is as close to your wedding as possible.

Unless you want to learn a particular dance style (Waltz, Tango, Salsa, etc.), I will help you choose a style that’s a good fit for you and your song.

For most first dances, I draw moves and inspiration from a variety of dances. I’ll always give you a range of move options—you get to pick the ones you like best!

Yes, I teach dips—both dips perfect for ending your dance, as well as ones to do in the middle of your dance.

I also teach a couple beginner lifts that are easy to execute with a wedding dress on! I do not teach advanced lifts.

Yes, I do both full and partial choreography. I can teach you a step-by-step routine customized you and your song (full choreography) or a sequence of moves timed to certain sections of your song (partial choreography). Whether you want something elegant and formal or fun and funky, I’ve got you covered!

No problem! Many couples want their first dance to be casual—not look like you took ballroom dance lessons! I will teach you how to move together smoothly, keeping rhythm with the music and each other. I can show you some natural-looking moves and spins, and teach you the signals for each, so you can communicate clearly and be relaxed during your first dance.

Absolutely! I love helping couples put together a dance that starts with one song then breaks into another—or is a mash up of several songs. Tell me what you’re thinking and we’ll make it happen.


Nope. If you’ve chosen your song or songs, I will have them ready to play during your lessons. However, if you’re still deciding between multiple songs, on your first lesson, please bring them with you on your phone or other device.

For your first lesson, feel free to just wear comfortable shoes. If possible, choose comfortable shoes with smooth rather than grippy soles.

On lessons closer to your wedding, I recommend you both bring your wedding shoes for a trial dance run. Of course, you're welcome to wear your wedding shoes sooner if you'd like more practice in them.

I teach private lesson Monday thru Thursday nights (last lesson start time is 9pm) and Sundays 10am-2pm.

During wedding season (approx April-September), I often am booked 4-weeks out. So it's best to contact me at least 1 month before you want to start your lessons!


A private studio near Oakland's Diamond District (appox map). The studio is convenient for those coming from Oakland, Emeryville, Alameda and San Leandro, as well as Berkeley and Albany.

Single lesson: $100

5-lesson package: $399 (save $101)

10-lesson package: $740 (save $260)

Note: Total package amount is due on first lesson unless a payment plan has been arranged.

No, you don’t need to commit to a package of lessons ahead of time. You are welcome to come take an initial lesson.

At the end of the initial lesson, after we’ve both had a chance to see how things go, I’ll make a recommendation on how many lessons you’ll likely need. You can then decide which package to buy (you may include this initial lesson as the first in the package), or alternatively, to do single lessons, paying as you go.

I require 24-hours notice for all cancellations. Lessons cancelled with less that 24-hours notice will be charged in full. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

You may freely cancel or reschedule lessons with more than 24-hours notice. If possible, if you need to reschedule, please give me as many days’ notice as you can. This courtesy allows me to offer the lesson time to another couple—and means you’ll have the greatest choice of times when scheduling your own lessons.

No, purchased dance lessons are non-refundable. If you are unable to take all your lessons before your wedding, you may take them after. Lessons must be used within 1 year of purchase date.

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