Wedding Dance Testimonials

Salsa wedding dance

My husband and I signed up for 4 private lessons with Brandee and ended up doing 9! Read more “Rocio & Kreg”

Rocio & Kreg
Marissa and dad, Steve, enjoy their dance

When Marisa first floated the idea of doing a Father-Daughter dance, I thought it was flat-out impossible. Read more “Marisa & Her Dad, Steve”

Marisa & Her Dad, Steve
Rosemary & her dad enjoy their dance

Brandee helped make our parent dances more comfortable, fun and heartfelt. It was so wonderful! Read more “Rosemary & Her Dad and Rory and His Mom”

Rosemary & Her Dad and Rory and His Mom
Scott & Leslie's Grease-inspired dance

We nailed it! And we weren’t even too nervous. It was so much fun! Read more “Scott & Leslie”

Scott & Leslie
Leo & Jackie doing a lift during their first dance

Our dance went very well! We can’t thank you enough. You really helped make our wedding day extra special. Read more “Leo & Jackie”

Leo & Jackie
Sammie & Tom's first dance

We had such a blast with Brandee. We looked forward to our lesson every week before our wedding.
Read more “Sammie & Tom”

Sammie & Tom
Tori & her dad enjoy their dance

My dad is not a dancer at all, and I had reservations about our father-daughter dance. Brandee was fantastic. My dad went from feeling really uncomfortable to having things “click”. Read more “Tori & Her Dad”

Tori & Her Dad
Fabulous first dance

Our five lessons with Brandee were hands down the absolute best part of preparing for our wedding! Read more “Sam & Sasha”

Sam & Sasha
Rosemary & Rory's first dance

Dance lessons with Brander were by far the best part of our wedding planning—even better than cake tasting!
Read more “Rosemary & Rory”

Rosemary & Rory
Wedding dance lessons to take your stress away!

Thank you for making our first dance such a success! You took a major anxiety-inducing tradition and made it totally enjoyable.
Read more “Rich & Melissa”

Rich & Melissa

Private Lesson Testimonials

Get your dancing shoes on!

Brandee is a supportive and enthusiastic teacher who is able to convey the complexity of a dance into easy-to-learn moves. Now we just put music on at home and start dancing! Read more “Dan & Mudita”

Dan & Mudita
Shannon & Matt, private lesson students

THANK YOU so very much for the awesome salsa lessons! We actually broke out some of our moves at a wedding last weekend and impressed our friends! Read more “Shannon & Matt”

Shannon & Matt
Fred & Amy, private lesson students

We had so much fun on our first private lesson series that we signed up for another! Brandee is a very skilled, fun teacher. We always leave our lessons with a big smile. Read more “Fred & Amy”

Fred & Amy
Dick & Susan, private lesson students

I have Parkinson’s. A year ago I wouldn’t have believed I was capable of dancing. But after taking private lessons from Brandee, I’m now passable in swing, salsa, foxtrot and waltz! Read more “Dick & Susan”

Dick & Susan
Douglas, private lessons student

It is hard to put into words how much you have enhanced my life. If it wasn’t for your incredible ability to encourage me, I wouldn’t be dancing today. Read more “Doug”

Govinda, private lesson student

Brandee has helped me make tremendous strides in my comfort and ability to lead. I couldn’t recommend her more highly as a dance teacher. Read more “Govinda”


Group Class Testimonials

Gus, group class student

Brandee creates a welcoming atmosphere where I’ve not only learned how to move to music and dance with a partner, but have also overcome much of my self-consciousness. Read more “Gus”

Peter, group class student

You are surely one of the most talented dance teachers of the many I have known! Read more “Peter”

Get your dancing shoes on!

I think I was the slowest learner ever. If I hadn’t has Brandee as a teacher, I would not have made it. Read more “Randy”

John & Leslie, group class students

Brandee’s classes have positively impacted our lives, helping us maintain a loving connection, return to regular exercise and stay connected socially. Read more “John & Leslie”

John & Leslie
John & Elise, group class students

Brandee is a gifted teacher with the patience of a saint. Now we regularly venture out dancing on our own! Read more “John & Elise”

John & Elise
Glenn, group class student

Being in your classes is something I look forward to each week, and the basic levels continue to be full of discovery. Read more “Glenn”

Lorraine, group class student

With Brandee’s patience and encouragement, I’ve gained self-confidence as a dancer. Now I’m really having fun! Read more “Lorraine”


Dance with Brandee

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