My husband and I decided we wanted to do something more than sway back and forth for our first dance. He had done some ballroom dancing growing up, and I was the one with two left feet. We decided we didn’t want something choreographed; we just wanted to learn a few moves we could use.

We went to a different dance school first, but it was awful—loud, crowded, spastic, and so much pressure to purchase packages of dance classes and parties. That’s when we found Brandee on Yelp.


We chatted with her on the phone and told her about the previous experience plus our crazy schedule before our wedding. She was great at finding times when the ballroom was quieter, and she did not pressure us to buy more classes than we needed. She was super open to teaching us the basics of foxtrot so we could use those moves in an unchoreographed way.

Brandee was great at hearing what we wanted, and listening to what we liked and disliked. For example, one week we decided we wanted a lift, so she came up with at least 2 or 3 options for us (it ended up being the highlight of the first dance).


I also really appreciated how Brandee adapted her teaching to our different dance abilities.  She helped me hear the “slow-quick-quicks” in the music and how to move to that rhythm. My husband has a much better sense of rhythm, music and dancing than I do, and so he had more questions about measures, timing and components of the song which Brandee was able to help with a lot.

Overall, Brandee is a great dance teacher. She is very friendly, professional, and extremely responsive. I feel like my dancing improved 3000%, and now I have wonderful memories of our first dance.