I wanted to take dance classes with my son for our Mother and Son dance at his wedding. I didn’t just want to dance the everyday type dance; I wanted something that was structured and looked nice.

I found Brandee on-line and e-mailed her with my questions. She was always very prompt and helpful with her responses.

My son and I decided to take 10 classes. We didn’t get to practice in between classes so we had to review at the beginning of each class, but it was so much fun! Our dance was to My Wish and we learned some East Coast Swing and Country Two Step. A lot of people at the wedding told us how nice our dance was.

Brandee was great—she was so positive, patient and sweet. We both looked forward to our Tuesday evening dance class with her! For the rest of my life I will always treasure the Tuesday evenings I spent with my son taking dance lessons with Brandee! Every mother and son should take the time to do something so memorable.