My husband and I signed up for 4 private lessons with Brandee and ended up doing 9! She is a phenomenal instructor who helped us choreograph an unforgettable salsa routine for our wedding. And while it really did add an amazing touch to our big night, the truly special part about the dance was the time that we spent together and with Brandee in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

Here are just a few reasons we loved her:
  1. Brandee came up with choreography that perfectly matched the song we had chosen. It built in complexity over the course of the routine, and the energy of the different moves matched the ebbs and flows of the song.
  2. She met us at our skill level, as we had already taken about 6 months of group classes a few years ago. She refreshed us on the basics and then worked with moves that we already knew so that we could cover more ground in less time.
  3. Brandee was flexible enough to make the routine something we were excited about, but she was also incredibly detail-oriented. She came each week with typed out choreography for each part of the song and notes for what to add that week.
  4. She is insanely organized. She sent out reminder text messages every Sunday without fail. When something came up and we needed to reschedule, she would always let us know if someone else had cancelled in case we wanted to take their time slot.
  5. Brandee guards your time fiercely. One of my favorite moments during one of our lessons was when another group of people were talking loudly over our music in a private dance room, and she didn’t hesitate to ask them to quiet down and respect our time with the room.
  6. She’s unceasingly positive and upbeat. We left every class with huge smiles on our faces.

See the finished product at the link below. Thank you so much, Brandee!