Karen & Ansel

Our first dance went really well. It wasn’t perfect, but we at least looked like we knew what to do and had fun doing it. It was a blast though! Thank you so much for everything. Now we really want to take group classes! … Read more about Karen & Ansel

Tori & Attila

My husband and I decided we wanted to do something more than sway back and forth for our first dance. He had done some ballroom dancing growing up, and I was the one with two left feet. We decided we didn't want something choreographed; we just wanted to learn a few moves we could use. We went to … Read more about Tori & Attila

James & Gina

The dance went wonderfully, thanks to your instructions and choreography! We’d put in enough practice hours that we were able to dance smoothly (and recover quickly when we missed a step). One of James' friends said that he teared up when he saw us dance, so I'd count that as a success. Thanks, … Read more about James & Gina

Eddie & Donna

Without Brandee’s help, we would not have been able to pull off our first dance at our wedding. After helping us decide on our song, she immediately showed us some basic steps. Then she moved on to some turns and flourishes that made us look professional and spectacular. Brandee works with you to … Read more about Eddie & Donna

Annie & Ajay

From the first lesson, Brandee made us laugh and feel so at ease. She has such a great ear for music and seemed to know exactly how to piece together a relatively simple dance for a fairly tricky song. Brandee has an amazing way with people and was truly committed to helping us perform at our … Read more about Annie & Ajay

Emma & Phil

We had a lot of fun dancing together and even got a standing ovation from our guests! In addition to getting us comfortable together on the dance floor, Brandee’s lessons gave my husband and I a great opportunity to spend quality time together in the crazy months leading up to the wedding. We … Read more about Emma & Phil

Scott & Leslie

We nailed it! And we weren't even too nervous. It was so much fun! Our crowd was entertained and surprised. Thanks again so much for making our special day even more special and fun! … Read more about Scott & Leslie