Being in your classes is something I look forward to each week, and the basic levels continue to be full of discovery. … Read more about Glenn


In the beginning, I almost quit five different times. I think I was the slowest learner ever. What kept me going? Brandee’s encouragement! I think if I had another teacher I would not have made it. It’s been one of the greatest achievements to learn a dance – I never thought I could. … Read more about Randy

John & Elise

Looking for a new activity to enjoy together, we signed up for one of Brandee’s classes at the YMCA—that was almost 4 years ago! The atmosphere in Brandee’s dance classes is relaxed, informal and fun. With the patience of a saint, she knows how to break down complex steps for new students, while … Read more about John & Elise


I truly believed I had two left feet. But I’d read that social dancing is one of the best exercises for mental health, so my curiosity overcame my self-doubt. When I took my first ballroom dance class with Brandee, I was intimidated being in a group social situation where I thought my clumsiness … Read more about Gus


It was daunting for me to dance at social events because of my arthritic knees and not knowing the rhythms. But with Brandee’s patience and encouragement, I’ve gained self-confidence as a dancer. Brandee has the ability to create a warm, friendly, supportive class environment for everyone. She’s … Read more about Lorraine

John & Leslie

Brandee makes you laugh and feel at ease as she deftly guides you through sometimes-tricky dance steps. She has precise knowledge of many dance styles and all the details for both leaders and followers. I tentatively started classes to reconnect with partner dancing after a long absence. But … Read more about John & Leslie