Part 4: Clarify Your Midline

Previously in the Posture Series…

Dancer's Midline
Try this exercise for more balanced posture and dancing!

In the last video of the Finding an Easy Upright Posture series, you lengthened your sides for more supportive posture. If you haven’t tried that exercise yet, you can do it here.

Enjoy More Balance and Efficiency in Your Dancing

Now let’s clarify your midline for more ease, balance and efficiency in your movement and dancing.

In this video, I lead you in an exercise that narrows (and crosses) your base of support. After finding how to shift weight and stay balanced in this more demanding position, your midline/central axis is clearer when you return to standing normally. And when you move from your midline, you’ll have more strength, balance and efficiency in your walking and dancing!

Give this exercise a try, then share your experience by leaving a comment!

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