Dance is for Everyone

Susan smiling
Susan’s joy for life was contagious.

(originally written Dec 2016)

Last week I attended a memorial service for my Feldenkrais student, Susan Gittler, who passed peacefully at the age of 96.

A fellow dancer, artist and teacher, Susan’s warmth, openness and full engagement with life inspired me each and every week. Here she is performing at the American Dance Festival at age 89.

Words of Inspiration about Dance

At her memorial service, Susan’s son read an excerpt of a piece she’d written about dance. Her words moved me, and so I’m sharing them with you.

Susan performing
Susan performing at age 89 years.

Dance is for everyone, not only the young and agile, but also the mature, whose life experience lends integrity to their movement.

It is not only for those who train under the guidance of artists who devote their lives to sharing this gift, but is also for those who dance in celebration and joy, in gratitude, in honor and in exploration, in community and sharing.

Like music, Dance is inclusive. The power of it’s magnet draws all of us together.

~ Susan Gittler (1920–2016)

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