Wedding Dance Testimonials

Jenica & Lance wow their wedding guests

Our dance went really well! Everyone loved it—we got so many compliments!… Read more “Jenica & Lance”

Jenica & Lance
Eddie & Donna having a great time on their first dance

Without Brandee’s help, we would not have been able to pull off our first dance at our wedding.
Brandee works with you to highlight your strengths. I can’t recommend her highly enough. … Read more “Eddie & Donna”

Eddie & Donna
Get your dancing shoes on!

Brandee helped my non-dancer fiancé get comfortable with dancing. She patiently answered questions and knew just how to give advice without making him feel wrong.
Read more “Rachel & Mark”

Rachel & Mark
Phil & Emma's first dance

We had a lot of fun dancing together and even got a standing ovation from our guests! … Read more “Emma & Phil”

Emma & Phil
Wedding Dance Lessons

Brandee made sure we had fun and the confidence to hit the dance floor. Our first dance was a huge success!… Read more “Brittney & Frankie”

Brittney & Frankie
James & Gina's first dance

The dance went wonderfully, thanks to your instructions and choreography! One of James’ friends said that he teared up when he saw us dance, so I’d count that as a success.
Read more “James & Gina”

James & Gina
Rosemary & her dad enjoy their dance

Brandee helped make our parent dances more comfortable, fun and heartfelt. It was so wonderful! … Read more “Rosemary & Her Dad and Rory and His Mom”

Rosemary & Her Dad and Rory and His Mom
Marissa and dad, Steve, enjoy their dance

When Marisa first floated the idea of doing a Father-Daughter dance, I thought it was flat-out impossible.… Read more “Marisa & Her Dad, Steve”

Marisa & Her Dad, Steve
Andy & Emily took wedding dance lessons

Brandee helped us choreograph a first dance which was the best our photographer said he’d ever seen!
Read more “Emily & Andy”

Emily & Andy
Leo & Jackie doing a lift during their first dance

Our dance went very well! We can’t thank you enough. You really helped make our wedding day extra special.… Read more “Leo & Jackie”

Leo & Jackie

Private Lesson Testimonials

Get your dancing shoes on!

Brandee is a supportive and enthusiastic teacher who is able to convey the complexity of a dance into easy-to-learn moves. Now we just put music on at home and start dancing!… Read more “Dan & Mudita”

Dan & Mudita
Fred & Amy, private lesson students

We had so much fun on our first private lesson series that we signed up for another! Brandee is a very skilled, fun teacher. We always leave our lessons with a big smile.… Read more “Fred & Amy”

Fred & Amy
Dick & Susan, private lesson students

I have Parkinson’s. A year ago I wouldn’t have believed I was capable of dancing. But after taking private lessons from Brandee, I’m now passable in swing, salsa, foxtrot and waltz!… Read more “Dick & Susan”

Dick & Susan
Shannon & Matt, private lesson students

THANK YOU so very much for the awesome salsa lessons! We actually broke out some of our moves at a wedding last weekend and impressed our friends! … Read more “Shannon & Matt”

Shannon & Matt
Douglas, private lessons student

It is hard to put into words how much you have enhanced my life. If it wasn’t for your incredible ability to encourage me, I wouldn’t be dancing today.… Read more “Doug”

Govinda, private lesson student

Brandee has helped me make tremendous strides in my comfort and ability to lead. I couldn’t recommend her more highly as a dance teacher.… Read more “Govinda”


Group Class Testimonials

Lorraine, group class student

With Brandee’s patience and encouragement, I’ve gained self-confidence as a dancer. Now I’m really having fun! … Read more “Lorraine”

Get your dancing shoes on!

I think I was the slowest learner ever. If I hadn’t has Brandee as a teacher, I would not have made it. … Read more “Randy”

Glenn, group class student

Being in your classes is something I look forward to each week, and the basic levels continue to be full of discovery.… Read more “Glenn”

John & Leslie, group class students

Brandee’s classes have positively impacted our lives, helping us maintain a loving connection, return to regular exercise and stay connected socially. … Read more “John & Leslie”

John & Leslie
Peter, group class student

You are surely one of the most talented dance teachers of the many I have known!… Read more “Peter”

John & Elise, group class students

Brandee is a gifted teacher with the patience of a saint. Now we regularly venture out dancing on our own!… Read more “John & Elise”

John & Elise
Gus, group class student

Brandee creates a welcoming atmosphere where I’ve not only learned how to move to music and dance with a partner, but have also overcome much of my self-consciousness. … Read more “Gus”


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